Monday, 23 January 2017

Stress less for 2017

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If you look back at last year, how were your stress levels? Do you remember feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and run down by the end of the year? Do you want to make a change for this year? Lets get the year started with a plan to better manage your stress and cope with the inevitable everyday tasks!

Here are my three tips for a stress free 2017

1.It’s a new year; lets not make the same mistakes as last year. If you are in a high pressure job, get stressed or overwhelmed easily, juggling too many things, or have a tendency towards anxiety then there are 2 supplements you should be taking daily. These are a Vitamin B complex and Magnesium. Both of these will help to support your nervous system, helping your body better cope with stress and reducing anxiety levels.

2. Practice some form of relaxation daily. This can be whatever works best for you, whether it be meditation, deep breathing, walking, baths, aromatherapy or journaling. Take your pick and make sure you do it every day as a priority. Now is the perfect time to get into the habit before the year gets too crazy. Once you form a habit you wont think twice as to whether you have time or not in your busy schedule to incorporate relaxation. Routine is key!

3. This is a big one, get organised! You need a schedule or routine so that every little thing doesn’t make you flustered. If you get into a routine of when you meditate, when you exercise, when you cook and when you have down time everything just seems to flow. Get yourself a meal planner and every Sunday plan what meals you will be cooking for the week. Even time to play needs to be scheduled in as there is always something to do that may take preference but having some you time is so important. Get yourself a diary or calendar, organise a daily routine and stop this cycle of stress!

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