Monday, 20 March 2017

What's the point?

Sometimes I sit and wonder what is the point of all this?

We wake up each morning and head out to work mostly looking forward to the day ending or the weekend so we can relax.

We do this to make money. Money is essential ­to survive, yes. However, we also have the belief that with money we will find happiness, a feeling of success, freedom and security. To some extent this is true. Money can make certain aspects of life easier but does it have the value we place on it?

We complain that life is so hard, that the world can be a terrible place, that we would much prefer to still be in bed rather than doing whatever it is that takes most of our time.

We look at others. Judge others and compare ourselves to others. We do this mostly in a critical way, sometime more in an envious way. This is despite having no idea what is going on in their world.

We have decided what is most important in our society and once again this comes back to money, power and this to us means success.

But if we really are on the right path, if we really are progressing as a society, moving forward and achieving greatness than why don’t we feel AMAZING.

Why do we feel stressed, anxious, unsettles. Why are we all getting so sick? Why are we making money but not feeling happy, or simply just not making enough money at all. Why is life so hard and why do we crave time away from the place we spend most of our waking hours, being our work?

I’ve been pondering many things of late. Our priorities as a society, the fact that despite advancements in many fields we as a human race only appear to be becoming more disconnected from one another, more unhappy, more tired and more sick.

Everything in my logic explains that we are moving forward. There are new medical advancements all the time, new scientific discoveries, more technological creations to make our lives easier, more ways of communication (even from the comfort of our own homes), more convenient and cheap food, easy accessibility to clean water, rules and regulations to make the workplace safe and fair. With the Internet the world and all the knowledge we could ever desire is literally at our fingertips.

But as a society are we really happy? I mean truly happy, filled with joy? Are we actually healthy? We may be living to an older age but who doesn’t have something wrong with them? How rare is it to find someone over the age of 50 not taking any form of medication?

So what is missing?

I believe it comes down to one fundamental thing. That thing is LOVE. SELF LOVE. We are totally missing this in our society. It is so not a priority. Even worse than that it even has a negative connotation.

“Look how much that guy loves himself.” Does that sound like a compliment? No.

What we fail to realise is that true self-love is not narcissistic but pure, generous and honest. Narcissistic people don’t love themselves or they wouldn’t need to show off and would treat others with the same love and respect they give themselves.

Take a moment and really look into yourself. Do you honestly, openly and without judgement love yourself?

If you completely and genuinely do then why would you allow yourself to suffer so much and so often. Why would you fill your body with what we know to be toxic or unhealthy? Why would you spend your entire life doing tasks you don’t enjoy? Why wouldn’t you prioritise time to do things that bring you joy and inner peace?

I mean really what the point of this life if you are not truly living it. Life is too short to spend each day miserable, or even just neutral. Life should be fun, full of joy, personal growth and most of all love.

You only have one life and you are the only one in control of it. This year, 2017 is one of new opportunities and if you are reading this and it resonates with you then I believe this is the wake up call you need. Don’t spend another minute living the life that society dictates instead of the one you know you have the potential to live. Most of all don’t forget the infinite power of love. Love yourself and love others unconditionally.

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