Thursday, 19 February 2015

How to reach your potential

Obviously this one is not as simple as following a few tips. It requires effort and our lives are dedicated to constantly striving to reach our potential. It is however, one of the most important posts I will write. Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves not just when it comes to a job but in all aspects of life. I mean how can you be truly happy when you are not being your best true self and nurturing the amazing person that is YOU!
Here are three important points to be thinking and acting upon on a daily basis in order to reach your potential.
1.     Stay healthy. Now obviously as a health care practitioner I have seen the impact that poor health has on people trying to strive for something bigger. If you don’t look after your health you are not going to be feeling energetic, happy or motivated. So rather than working yourself into the ground to achieve great things, take a step back and look at what will happen in the future. That lifestyle is not sustainable and you will inevitably crash and have to stop what you are doing anyway. Making sure you are putting good food into your body, exercising and getting enough sleep will allow you notice the difference within yourself.
2.     Have a goal in mind and don’t be afraid to fail. If we stay within our comfort zone we will never grow as people. I took a risk starting up my own business as a Naturopath and my business would never have grown if I had just sat in my room waiting for people to come and see me. I had a goal of the number of clients I wanted to see per week and then I was proactive about achieving that. I did things out of my comfort zone such as calling and connecting with other health care professionals and giving talks. Although these things were daunting for me they also allowed my confidence to grow and as well as my business. If you don’t have that goal in mind, you won’t be able to reach it!
3.     Have outside interests from your day job and do them on a regular basis. How on earth can you reach your potential when you are not nourishing and exploring who you really are? We all need to work for survival, and some of us do really enjoy our work but that is only one aspect of our lives. You need to be able to find other things that you enjoy whether it be exercise, knitting, baking, reading or writing it is important that you allow yourself time to try out different activities and discover which ones you are good at and enjoy the most. This will allow you to flourish in other aspects of your life.
Be curious, stay accountable for your actions, appreciate feedback from others and just go out there and enjoy life!


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