Sunday, 21 September 2014

Spring Cleaning

In Feng Shui every season brings a particular message. Spring is related to the liver which is where old toxins are excreted from the body. This is why spring is such an excellent time for an internal detox but also for clearing out the old to make space for new things. It is the time to de-clutter, re-harmonise and create the space for the person you want to be.
To follow on from last week’s simple spring detox post, here are some simple steps to de-clutter and spring clean your external environment. Detoxing needs to occur from both the inside and the outside.

1.     Organise 3 cardboard boxes. Label one rubbish, one charity and one for friends.

2.     One room at a time go through all your cupboards and draws and if there are things you haven’t used 
       in 2 years or longer then they should be placed in one of the 3 boxes. 

3.     If there are any items that you feel you don’t need any more then place in the appropriate box.

4.     Get a cloth and give benches, desks, interior of cupboards, tiles and walls a wipe down with hot water and biodegradable detergent or tea tree oil.

5.     Re-arrange items on desks/benches to give the room a fresh new feel.
You will be amazed at how liberated and free you will feel once you have finished spring cleaning your life!

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